Cougar Blazer report – Final text & Bottom line

Cougar Blazer report – Final text & Bottom line

Last Terminology & Bottom Line

It’s moments the bottom line. The momma Blazer is an extremely fascinating body. it is perhaps not suitable for daily utilize without a doubt, since it’s most open (yeah, it’s an open-frame design), so you’ve received no fan filtration right here. Continue to, the interior design is very traditional, with all the PSU attached to the bottom of the actual situation, so you shouldn’t end up having the complete notion of the develop. The installation procedure is rather straightforward, and you ought ton’t contain biggest issues below possibly. The construction is great. It’s a Cougar, hence you’ll locate some orange features here. This will likely setup a colour coordinating concern for certain creates. But alternatively, gain two tempered glass panels, and you may flaunt the products (customized loops are really ideal) in an awesome sorts.


A person dont come any lovers right here (you’d most likely swap all of them away at any rate), nor any RGB, but this may not be a huge concern furnished just what the market place offers. An individual can’t put the GPU vertically, both. Liquid air conditioning capability are good, since you can apply a 360 mm rad on the right-side regarding the instance, and a 240 mm one on the roof. There’s enough room for 350 mm prolonged GPUs, 160 mm high CPU coolers (but you will most likely determine an AIO or customized air conditioning at any rate), and 180 mm longer PSUs. This really is sufficient for characteristic creates. The I/O wiring are sleeved (except the USB a person), as well as the I/O section features a standard number of two USB vents, sound jacks, and energy + readjust control keys.


Appearance are usually a personal procedure. The design of the newest BLAZER is incredibly unique, like it’s an open-frame concept. The aluminium and two treated glass board make it see fairly advanced. It’s a pity that only a version employing the red decorations exists. An all-black you are likely to staying an outstanding selection. There’s a touch too a great deal advertising right here (the company logos from the tempered glass screens are generally higher, as well as the one regarding the forward board).

The Verdict

The momma BLAZER get an “Approved” honor. It’s an above-average-sized framework that provides a couple of attributes wrapped in a unique, open-frame style. It’s an all-aluminium body with two treated glass cells, as makes it reduced goods. It’s not just a chassis for an everyday set-up. Your won’t get any followers below (but you’d likely put your personal ones/AIO anyhow), nor enthusiast filters (because of the types of the outcome). You should use ATX motherboards, very substantial water-cooling radiators (360 + 240 mm), and 160 mm environment coolers. On paper, you’ll apply even-up to five 2.5” powers or two 3.5” data. The build quality is tremendous. It’s a pity that only a black-and-orange adaptation exists (orange is actually Cougar’s trademark slice household fashion colouring). An all-black option might be a good option. The develop went pretty reveal login much, however will need to bear in mind the tight-fitting PSU frame. Don’t forget to install the drives regarding the butt with the motherboard before setting up the MoBo by itself. On that know: it’s safer to incorporate a motherboard with an internal I/O protect to prevent yourself from the danger of harming the trunk board. The branding is a little extreme: the images on tempered windows cells aren’t really necessary, and so they might protect the name of your respective PSU. Front side logo design can also be in no way necessary, plus the one over the I/O cover who have been sufficient. The asking price of the BLAZER is actually 249.99 USD. That is definitely fairly high, nonetheless it’s additionally totally rationalized for reasonably limited item.

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Momma Blazer reviewThis occasion across, we’re finding out the Milf BLAZER, an all-aluminium, open frame, mid-tower PC chassis. This brand-new circumstances obtainable only one variation (with orange decorations), and that also’s a pity, becaus.

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